Feedack about tutorial and pattern matching

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Feedack about tutorial and pattern matching

Post by Jenny »

It might be easier for players if you display the pattern ("x" and "+" ) while playing the game. At first it was a little confusing.
It would also be nice if we gain something special when we make 2 patterns at the same time. ;)

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Re: Feedack about tutorial and pattern matching

Post by NiKo MaKi »

Thanks Jenny! Those are good suggestions. I especially like the one about having something special happen when you swap energies and 2 patterns are matched from it! That would certainly enhance gameplay.

As for the tutorial part of displaying the patterns you can make, this is a good idea as well.
As of now, the patterns you can make are listed in the Tutorial part of the game, found on the Main Menu.
Since the mechanics of the game are not completely settled on (or final), we are waiting before putting too much time in UI explanation of things. However, we want the patterns you can make to be obvious (we agree with you there for sure), so this will probably be displayed during the game in some way. This will be especially needed as more characters are put in the game, as it is planned for each one to have (most likely) different patterns.

So, thanks again for those suggestions! We just ask to please give some time before seeing them implemented. ;)

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