Questions about the game and some suggestions

Win incoherent conversations between crazy characters of unknown origins by using your brain - which is represented as a puzzle charged with emotional energy!

Give feedback and suggestions to help shape the game before and after release.
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Questions about the game and some suggestions

Post by mloballer »

I was wondering is there a reason to not auto end your turn if you can't do anything? Also was playing one game, and one of the players had no more possible ways to get a pattern, is there anything they can do? It would be nice to also explain what the powers do. I see in the demo the player is focusing on getting the pattern of blue balls. I am curious about what the other color ball combinations do? Is there a strategy for this?


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Re: Questions about the game and some suggestions

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Thanks for your post, mloballer!

Part of why we did this Beta was to help shape it as we develop it. We needed to start at some point. Since it wasn't the final "point", much of what is needed to know in how to play can be found in the Tutorial (which can be accessed from the main menu).
I'm not sure if you had seen it yet, but it addresses some of the questions you had. Whether it was explanatory enough is another question, too, but it was the least (and the most) we could provide at this time. We did not want to invest time in fully explaining systems through a proper tutorial or on screen prompts until we knew these mechanics were final.

To best answer your questions here though, please read the following...

1. We do not automatically end your turn (but you can manually end it by pressing options and choosing "End Turn") since on your turn you can do more than swap energies. You may also have a number of special abilities available to use. You could choose to save them and not use them on a particular turn. Generally it is always good/desirable to use all your available swaps for a turn, but the specials are different.

2. If the energy on your grid is no longer to your liking (meaning you feel you have no more worth while patterns to make) you can choose to "Refresh" your grid. You do this by pressing Triangle. It can only be done on your turn and if you have not made any swaps yet. Once you do it it then uses up all your swaps.

3. Ideally the powers, or specials, will have an explanation displayed if you press Triangle while having one of them selected. This has not yet been implemented, though. At the moment please feel free to experiment. Most likely I will add another page to the tutorial or write the explanations up here on the forum until we put their descriptions in a UI during the game.

4. This is a good question! (and a deep one) Each energy/color has importance in gameplay, and, depending on each of the characters' stats, the answer could be different. The possible reasons why blue was focused on in the video is probably due to various factors. One, these characters have the same breaking point (that being the blue meter). In the future we are planning to have characters with different breaking points (some may be associated to their green, yellow, or red energy meters, for example). However, we chose not to do this right now as this gets more into individual character balancing.
The other reason you might notice blue was targeted is that I was trying to make the video you mentioned as short as possible. I thus defaulted to just beating on the blue and not really trying to hamper my other self from doing this - hah. Generally, from our internal playtests among two distinct people (not between myself only) matches last around 15 minutes and go up to the 11th or 15th turn (you can see the turn count at the bottom left/right of the screen). So... perhaps I need to record another video!
If you feel that both you and your opponent when playing seem to always attack the same color energy, though, please let me know. As this isn't a good sign if you could win simply from doing this.

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