Currently Planned Features

Win incoherent conversations between crazy characters of unknown origins by using your brain - which is represented as a puzzle charged with emotional energy!

Give feedback and suggestions to help shape the game before and after release.
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Currently Planned Features

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Below are just some of the features currently planned for "Social Freaks". If you have questions or comments about them, please feel free to reply.

* AI to play against.
* 10 Characters to play as.
* 10 Environments/levels to play in.
* Story Mode - Play through multiple fights to try and reach a boss character.
* Single Fight Mode - Similar to any fighting game, you can choose to play against the AI or another Player.
* Unlockables - Characters and Environments will be progressively unlocked.
* Patterns - Characters will have 2 unique patterns for them to try forming on their energy grid. Some patterns can be more or less difficult to form, or may be in a shape complimenting (or not) the other shape.
* Specials - Characters will have 1 or more special abilities that they can use during gameplay. Some characters may or may not share the same or similar abilities.
* Animations - Characters will have unique animations after triggering patterns.

Features being considered...
* Overworld - A larger environment (or over-world) to bridge the individual environments together where you can walk about freely with your character.
* Online Multiplayer

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