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Development Tid-Bits

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I thought I'd share some (possibly) interesting info from the development of "The Bread Pub Brawlers"...

#1 - TBPB was originally conceived as a board/card game. Hopes of TBPB turning into such is still with me, and, if I find enough people to continually playtest with, may come about in the future, and be sold through a Kickstarter.

#2 - TBPB video game began production in October 2014 and ended production in June 2015. So development lasted for a total of about 8 months. A prototype was built rather quickly at first (in only a couple of weeks) and the majority of the rest of my time was spent trying to bend Unity's physics engine to do what I wanted it to do. There was no time to build things properly, and so toward the end, it made for some bugs to be basically impossible to fix.
I never liked the idea of creating something by the seat of my pants, and prefer spending more time up front to create a good base/foundation rather than focus on results early on - but, I was not given such an ideal situation to create TBPB in. Thankfully, over the past few recent months, I've been able to devote my time to creating my own engine on top of Unity. Already I see the benefits, and thus have higher hopes for my next title to be more stable than what TBPB turned into.

#3 - The graphics took only 1 week to make. Everything in the game was constructed with rudimentary shapes, with the most complicated being a candle! So from the characters, their items, and to the environment; they all come from only a few models, which were created (along with textures) in a week or so. This was less than desired, but needed so I could focus on the mechanics of the game (which to me was more important).

#4 - I originally tried obtaining the game's music from "The Dubliners", an old Irish pub band. However, after tracking down and sending an email to the person who held the rights to their music now, they never replied back with my request for licensing. Perhaps just as well, since my measly budget (basically nothing) would most likely not have been able to cover it. But, thankfully a friend of mine is a jack of all trades in production and was able to produce something just as fitting for the game (he did even the vocals for it!).

If I think of any other interesting tid-bits from production, I'll post them here. If you have any questions related to TBPB production that you'd like to ask yourself, you can do so here as well.

Thanks for reading!

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