Suggestions for improvement and some sort of review

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Suggestions for improvement and some sort of review

Post by Clackrat »

Bought this game last night and found it almost unplayable due to the bugs. I loaded it up and found it a lot of fun at first. I was digging the music, the idea was nifty, the controls seemed to work okayish. Then I realized the game only really has two songs. Two songs that repeat, and repeat, and sometimes they play the same one right after it's played. I found that while playing with AI, I could spontaneously begin taking damage. Confiscating any doe, and confiscating any hope I had for this game being remotely playable. The other maps are dark. Like way too dark. It became maddening to play the damn thing. I found multiple points in the second map where I'd just sink into a door and become wholey imobilized. I'll continue to support the game, great idea, poor execution. I'll be the first to have a TBPB community pop up. Hopefully you guys will come through with a hardcore update. I'd really like to see this get some real loving attention. More music, better maps, bug fixes gallore, the works.
Hopefully you guys see this and take some things into consideration. Best of luck to you.

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Re: Suggestions for improvement and some sort of review

Post by Nick Busby »

Hi Clackrat. Thanks very much for your feedback. I agree with you on everything, and very much appreciate your support in the concept despite the poor execution.

A little background - I'm the sole developer. Unfortunately there was very limited time to create the game, and I went from concept to completion (well, what was released) in 8 months. If time were on my side, I would have certainly loved to have created what I originally intended.

Regardless, because of the reception of the game in North America, I've decided against releasing in Europe. I still have faith in this concept, though, and am currently contemplating a sequel instead of moving on to something else (such as Edible Empires). There's just something about TBPB's concept that pulls me back to it, and the feelings you've expressed now go a long way in making the decision to pick it up again.

For a sequel to happen though (more than an update is needed, btw, since everything already made would have to be trashed), it's as you wish (and so do I) - that being a community to form around this project's concept.

It's possible for me to get together a demo sometime next year (perhaps for PC/Mac/Linux first. I'm also targeting a release for PS4 again, PS Vita, and WiiU), but I'll need some sort of assurance people are waiting for this next title if I were to invest any further time into it. So, if you will, it'd be greatly appreciated if you were to spread this word and help be one of the first to grow a community around The Bread Pub Brawlers (or whatever it may be called, since I'm not sure if this title has left a bad taste in people's mouths...).

Oh, and if you're interested, PM me and we could talk about you being an alpha/beta tester for the game (if it isn't opened up publicly).

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Re: Suggestions for improvement and some sort of review

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Just to confirm - what Nick says is true!

I'm just a robot/puppet... ;_;

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