Improving TBPB

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Improving TBPB

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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much if you are viewing these forums and this thread specifically, as NiKo MaKi is interested in gathering what you would like to see in a massive "rebake" of "The Bread Pub Brawlers".

NiKo MaKi was not privileged with enough time or resources to make TBPB into what was originally conceived, however, through the current release and support on the PS4, we are more motivated in putting in ALL of what we had originally wanted to include and MORE ("MORE" being what you would like, too).

Here is a quick overview of the things already planned, as based on TBPB original design...

1. Better Graphics!
2. More Game Modes (we were thinking around 7 to begin with).
3. A Unique Obstacle for every Pub - examples include... A giant wooden head of a King that spits at you (getting you stuck temporarily) in "The King's Head", a crazy Granny that runs around smacking everyone in "The Grizzled Granny", a Rat that scurries everywhere, biting and paralyzing everyone in "The Poisoned Rat", a Green Cloud that floats around making it harder to see anything in it, in "The Restless Odor", and some Vines which pop out of the ground and slap or entangle you in "The Bloomin' Basement".
4. Bread Customization in an Editor - that meaning, not before the game. It would be a separate screen where you create your Breads, then you can save them to then choose to use before a Brawl.
5. More Types of Bread & Items
6. Online Play - this is extremely desired, but equally difficult. It is unsure if this would be possible, but it sure would be fun to brawl with people online.

NiKo MaKi would like to have these improvements made (some, if not all) before releasing TBPB to any other region or platform, given the feedback we've seen since the release under Sony America regions (specifically the US).
Future platforms in which we would like to release TBPB to would include PS4 (Sony Europe regions), WiiU, and PC (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Things to Note:
Another potential platform would be Playstation Vita, but it is unsure as of now if this would be possible.
If we release to PC, we could also allow for a better Beta period, as it is more difficult to do such only on consoles.

So these are the improvements we had in mind - what about you? Let us know by posting here... viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5 (Thanks to The Noid for creating this thread)


NiKo MaKi
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Re: Improving TBPB

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An update about revisions to "The Bread Pub Brawlers".

Seeing as the revisions needed to make TBPB the way it was intended, it has become apparent a sequel is needed. Everything (including the code base) would be changed.

As such, there may be updates to TBPB, but for the changes listed above, please await the release of "The Bread Pub Brawlers 2", which, as of now, has no release date planned. Other titles are in the works, so these may be released before the sequel to TBPB. However, NiKo MaKi is convinced of this title's potential, so a sequel is desired and considered if at all possible.

With all that said, still feel free to post what you would like to find in a sequel to TBPB!

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