Future ingredients?

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Future ingredients?

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Hello! Here will be suggestions I and other folk have for TBPB's successor, more specifically future ingredients! I would suggest a whole new slot for ingredients, that directly change how your punches work, and would either be influenced by the Spirit stat or a new Spice stat. For example, gloves that shoot little fire balls when you swing at people, or mushrooms that have a chance to poison players. Other random ideas:

Salt: Lowers the target's Spirit upon hit, and while has little effect with a player's base stats, scales up sharply with more points into the aforementioned stats.

Pepper: Increases punching rate, and scales similarly to Salt.

Rolling Pin: Gives a tad bit more range, and does a short lunge with every attack, the distance has a nice starting point but scales slowly and gains minimal damage.

Dough gun: Has a slow fire rate, and fires an arching slug of dough that can be charged to the point where it fires in a straight line and gives more knockback. More Spice would make a more efficient charge up time.

Stardust: Every consecutive hit spawns little weak tracking projectiles, and extra Spice increases quantity.

Experimental Spice X-1: Allows you to charge up your punch, and scales off of pretty much every stat in different ways, and the Spice stat adds shockwaves when the charged punch is aimed at the wall or floor.

Exotic Spices!: These will be variants of the ingredients I already came up with in the Spice category, but are acquired through a more clever method, such as beating several people in a similar way with a spice, or an easter egg activated in a level, and will start with lower values than the originals but superior scaling. The Exotic forms of the spices, in chronological order:

Ghost Peppers
Angel Cap Mushrooms
Dead Sea Salt
Fine Paprika blend
Ebony Rolling Pin
Shiny Dough Rifle
Powdered Novadust
Spice of Life - would also very slightly boost all other stats based on your Spice stat, and due to it being legendary in TBPB it would be by far the hardest to unlock.

And that's what I've got! What do you guys think?

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Re: Future ingredients?

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Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and interest in the next form of TBPB Medium-RareAkuma!

I was waiting to see if others posted before doing so myself, but it looks like not much is happening on the boards (atleast yet), so I'll say we appreciate your suggestions! I'm not sure if these will be able to make it into the game given the final course the game's development takes, but what you say will certainly be considered. You taking the time to give such thought to this is also encouraging to us few who are making it!

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