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For Playstation 4

  In a remote village during the 1800's, local Pubs fight for patrons using Bread that have been animated through a special ingredient called the "Spice of Life".
  These enigmatic baked goods now roam the streets and pubs, often scaring customers away rather than enticing them.

  Brawl with up to 8 (max 4 human) opponents for Fun and Profit in Pubs of all sorts with your own "baked" Bread Brawlers! Earn and save Dough to pay off your Tabs; unlocking more Ingredients for you to customize your Brawler with.

  "The Bread Pub Brawlers" uses the DualShock 4's extensive motion sensors to move your Bread around while freeing the Analog Sticks to control your individual Arms. Have comedic and slapstick moments thrown at you in this original and unique Multiplayer Brawler!

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